Tiktok Ideation
TikTok Creation


4 pieces of content

Helping Rumage get started on a new social media.

Rumage was new to TikTok and knew they needed help creating relevant TikTok content.

Our Approach

We knew that Rumage’s story was one that Gen Z would resonate with. We suggested starting off that they try out one of each of our types of content; Trend, Storytelling, Campaign, and Informative. This allowed us to hit all the key content types that we knew would ultimately work for Rumage.



We created 4 pieces of content that perfectly reflected Rumage as a brand, allowing them to have a taster of the type of content we could create for them daily on a larger package. The feedback speaks for itself, Rumage ‘LOVED’ the content and were over the moon to receive videos that hit every significant talking point for Rumage.

We’re firm believers that our work speaks for itself, but we also know that it takes more than pretty pictures to make a good story. So use these case studies as evidence of our worth, and get excited about what could be yours.