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“It was an invaluable day where I learned a lot!” Phyton Nectars CEO

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Two Chics Media Elevates Content Creation for Award-Winning Welless Brand Phyto Nectars in Exclusive Training Day.

London, 2024 – Two Chics Media, a leading creative agency, recently collaborated with the esteemed wellness brand Phyto Nectars in an exclusive training day aimed at revolutionizing content strategies. The event showcased industry insights, advanced content creation techniques, and garnered commendations from Phyto Nectars CEO Katia Phillips.

The training day, held at Phyto Nectars’ headquarters, was a transformative experience for both teams involved. Two Chics Media took the opportunity to delve deep into the nuances of content creation within the wellness industry, offering invaluable insights and practical tips to enhance Phyto Nectars’ online presence.

Katia Phillips, CEO of Phyto Nectars, expressed her satisfaction with the collaboration, remarking, “The training day with Two Chics Media was exceptional. We learned a great deal and gained fresh perspectives on content creation strategies. It was truly enlightening.”

Key highlights of the training day included:

  • Exploration of industry-specific insights: Two Chics Media shared in-depth analyses on customer retention strategies tailored specifically for the wellness sector, empowering Phyto Nectars to identify and engage their audience more effectively.
  • TikTok strategies to drive engagement: Recognizing the importance of leveraging emerging platforms, Two Chics Media provided comprehensive guidance on harnessing TikTok’s potential to amplify brand visibility and engage with a wider audience.
  • Effective customer survey techniques: With a focus on audience-centric content creation, Two Chics Media demonstrated the significance of gathering customer insights through surveys, enabling Phyto Nectars to tailor their content to meet consumer preferences more accurately.

The collaboration between Two Chics Media and Phyto Nectars exemplifies a commitment to innovation and excellence in the digital landscape. By sharing expertise and fostering strategic partnerships, both entities aim to elevate content creation standards within the wellness industry.

About Two Chics Media: Two Chics Media is a leading creative agency dedicated to helping brands elevate their online presence through innovative strategies and captivating storytelling. With a focus on creativity and authenticity, Two Chics Media empowers clients to connect with their audience on a deeper level. Two Chics’ vision is to empower positive influence.

About Phyto Nectars: Phyto Nectars is an award-winning wellness brand renowned for its commitment to holistic health and natural ingredients. With a diverse range of products aimed at enhancing well-being, Phyto Nectars is dedicated to empowering individuals on their wellness journey.

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Maritni Siu

Commerical Director

Two Chics Media


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