2023 – 2024


Full TikTok Management:

TikTok Strategy
TikTok Ideation
TikTok Production


22k+ Followers

15 Million+ Engagement


Making the world talk about Herbaly on TikTok

Herbaly, a burgeoning herbal supplement and tea brand, confronted the challenge of achieving viral success on TikTok in the highly competitive US market.

Our Approach

Recognizing TikTok’s crucial role in boosting brand visibility and engaging customers, Herbaly entrusted Two Chics with a complete revamp of their TikTok strategy to connect effectively with the US audience.

Our approach involved crafting 12 innovative monthly videos, continuously adapting the content to optimize results.

We positioned Herbaly as a leading expert in herbal remedies, emphasizing holistic health.

This strategic content creation, coupled with comprehensive ads management and a novel engagement strategy, led to Herbaly achieving consistent viral success on TikTok.


+ k
TikTok Followers
+ million

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