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Making the world talk about Smile Solutions on TikTok

Smile Solutions, a forward-thinking dental practice, embarked on an experimental journey with TikTok to explore expanding their reach in the digital landscape.

Our Approach

Our strategy was to dramatically reimagine dentistry, showcasing Smile Solutions not just as industry leaders but as a brand that embodies fun, comedy, and approachability, all while being informative and entertaining.

Instead of a conventional content calendar, we adopted a more organic and engaging approach: filming sessions with the dentists bi-monthly and creating 3-5 distinct edits from each interview.

This method was designed to maximize the chances of going viral by offering a variety of engaging content that highlights the practice’s expertise in a lighthearted, relatable manner.

This fresh and innovative approach paid off spectacularly. Within just the first ten posts, Smile Solutions experienced a meteoric rise in popularity, achieving a remarkable milestone of 2 million views.

This instant success not only affirmed our strategy but also underscored our ability to tailor content that strikes a chord with audiences, proving that even in a field like dentistry, viral success on platforms like TikTok is not just possible, but achievable with the right creative direction.


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We’re firm believers that our work speaks for itself, but we also know that it takes more than pretty pictures to make a good story. So use these case studies as evidence of our worth, and get excited about what could be yours.

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