1 x 4K Campaign Content

Creating an eye-catching music video for the return of the Tarq in collaboration with The Chelsea Life Jacket

The Chelsea Jacket and the RiotBoys collaborated on a music video concept and asked us to help execute the vision.

Our Approach

The storyboard and shot list were carefully planned to capture the essence of both Riotboys comedic nature as well as the unique content style of The Chelsea life Jacket. We were given a ideal shot list, which allowed us to prepare and plan out our approach before we even set foot on set. Due to the nature of our content creation and the type of videos we shoot, we had to overcome some new challenges. One of these was lip-syncing music so as not to compromise quality on our campaign content.


We created a one-of-a-kind campaign that perfectly reflected the comedic nature of Riotboys and the unique content style of The Chelsea Life Jacket. The video was also reposted to The Chelsea Life Jacket’s Instagram IG Reels, which resulted in a view count of 1,000,000, 21,500 likes, 434 comments and added 10,000+ followers to their Instagram. The feedback and results speak for itself. This video was also indirectly an advertisement piece for The Chelsea Life Jacket, which resulted in a 1,211% growth in store sessions to their website and a +3,976% growth in sales compared to the previous period. Furthermore, to demonstrate we met our goals with our execution to stay true to The Chelsea Life Jacket audience, our returning customer rate stood at 20% as a result of this campaign during their collection drop.

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Client Quotes

“Mate you’re a f**king legend”

“Love it”

“That is amazing”

“Love it :))”

“slick as f**k”

“F**king beauty”

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