TikTok ideation


30k engagement
4000 follower increase
93 content pieces created

Reaching a completely new audience for Proviz

Proviz wanted to take TikTok entirely off their own hands, and reach a completely new, younger, fitness-focused audience.

Our Approach

We put Proviz on our full tiktok management package which included tiktok strategy, community management, tiktok filming, and tiktok posting. This allowed us to fully engage with their audience and create ongoing content that showed that the brand was in-touch with Gen Z culture, but also informed potential new customers of the benefits of Proviz sportswear.


Proviz saw their TiKTok following grow rapidly in just 3 months working with Two Chics as well building a tight knit community on TikTok. With over 90 pieces of content posted daily, fans knew to expect daily content and become daily watchers of running jokes, safety tips, running tips, marathon training and TikTok trends.

+ k
Increase in TikTok followers
Content pieces created

We’re firm believers that our work speaks for itself, but we also know that it takes more than pretty pictures to make a good story. So use these case studies as evidence of our worth, and get excited about what could be yours.

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