Full TikTok Management:

TikTok Strategy
TikTok Ideation
TikTok Production


2800+ Followers

200k+ Engagement


Reaching a completely new region for HELL Energy

HELL Energy faced the challenge of building a successful TikTok account from scratch for the UK market. Recognizing the importance of TikTok as a platform for brand awareness and engagement, HELL Energy entrusted Two Chics to take full ownership of their UK TikTok account and deliver outstanding results.

Our Approach

Two Chics took over full management of the account meaning content ideation, production, editing, and posting.

To begin with, Two Chics devised a comprehensive strategy to establish and grow the brand’s presence on TikTok. They started by conducting in-depth market research to understand the preferences and behavior of the UK TikTok audience. This research provided valuable insights into the type of content that resonated well with the target audience, enabling Two Chics to tailor their strategy accordingly.

Two Chics then created a content calendar that included 20 videos per month, ensuring a consistent flow of engaging content to captivate the audience and drive brand visibility.


+ k
Increase in TikTok Followers
Pieces of Content Created

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