TikTok Ideation
TikTok Creation


1 piece of content

Helping create an incredible video to enter the TikTok market and inspire LinkedIn viewers needed a fast-paced, energetic video that worked for both a LinkedIn audience and a TikTok audience

Our Approach

We knew that this would be a challenge worth taking on. LinkedIn and TikTok have completely different audiences but we were sure we could provide something epic so we suggested Cyft go for a ‘storytelling’ type of content to get the audiences excited about the cybersecurity ai solution. This type of content includes fast-paced cuts, a storyline throughout, and, of course, an incredible hook to start the video with.


We created 1 epic piece of content that perfectly reflected’s purpose, allowing them to have a taster of the type of content we could create for them daily on a larger package.

Client Quote

“Fucking stoked about how this turned out. FIRE”

We’re firm believers that our work speaks for itself, but we also know that it takes more than pretty pictures to make a good story. So use these case studies as evidence of our worth, and get excited about what could be yours.