In-House TikTok Training

Helping Bang Bang restaurant get onto TikTok through In-House Training

Bang Bang reached out to us to teach their team about TikTok from scratch.

Our Approach

Two Chics provided Bang Bang with a comprehensive and tailored TikTok training program that covered all aspects of the platform, from setting up an account to understanding the user interface to creating engaging content.

The training program was delivered in-person and provided the Bang Bang team with hands-on experience in creating TikTok content that resonated with their target audience. They learned how to create visually appealing videos that showcased their food, culture, and restaurant atmosphere in a unique and engaging way.

Our tailored training program and ongoing support ensured that Bang Bang was well-equipped to maintain their social media presence and continue to attract new customers.

Client Quotes

“Hi mate, just wanna say thank you again for today! It was really fun and I’m glad we got it in the end. Well worth the wait and effort. I’m sure you’ll help many businesses in the near future”

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